Government intends to reduce the number of taxes from 22 to 9 and reduce tax burden on wages

The package of tax, fiscal, and social legislation, which the government will introduce to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, provides for steps for the legalization of wages and reducing the tax burden on wages.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk at the Cabinet meeting on Monday, Dec. 22, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the Cabinet.

According to him, there is an ongoing debate with members of the Parliament on the timing of these steps: "We propose to do this in the course of three years. In 2015, the rate of the single social contribution to be 25%, in 2016 - 20%, and in 2017 - 15%. We would like to set 15% immediately, but there is one little problem - in this case we will have nothing to pay the pensions with.

"We hope that the business is coming out of the shadow and we reduce the tax rates. And we receive, respectively, more income because the salaries are not paid in envelopes," he said.

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"The more wages are legalized, the less the state will tax these wages," Yatseniuk said.

The prime minister also said that the Cabinet of Ministers proposes to reduce the number of taxes from 22 to 9.

He said that the government begins the second stage of deregulation: "At the first stage we have halved the number of agencies that perform control functions and the number of functions the businesses are checked by. Now in the second stage, additional 15 licenses, three permits, and 18 regulatory means are to be cancelled."

The government has also proposed a package for optimizing the social benefits. "A basic principle was adopted: assistance will be received by those who need it, those who are poor. And those who earn tens of thousands of hryvnia and at the same time enjoy preferential price for gas, electricity, housing, utilities, should not take money out of the pocket of a poor man."

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