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 Lukashenko to meet with Poroshenko for arrangement of the new round of talks in Minsk

President of Ukraine Poroshenko and President of Belarus Lukashenko will hold meeting on Sunday, Dec. 21.

Lukashenko told the reporters on Friday while visiting the State Forensic Committee, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainska Pravda.

"I am going to meet with the President of Ukraine on Sunday, most likely. He called me yesterday and said we should somehow meet and discuss certain issues. I expressed such a desire as well for we have a lot of questions to discuss in this situation," Lukashenko said.

"Taking in consideration that conversation, I realized that the Ukrainian leadership, in particular the President of Ukraine, is making absolutely no obstacles to the launch of a new round of talks in Minsk," the President of Belarus said.

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"As he said, he is currently anticipating response from the leaders of the Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples' Republics. If there will be any agreements reached, then they soon will be able to gather in Minsk again to continue the dialogue and to think in which direction to move," Lukashenko said.

"No matter how difficult it would be, and I can understand the President of Ukraine, but there is no other way either for him or for the Donetsk and Luhansk 'leaders', but to sit at the negotiating table and engage in dialogue. Negotiations are our only option. There will be peace once anyway. But it is impossible to continue following the path of escalation and killing innocent people," the president of Belarus said.

The meeting location was not specified in the message.

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