Poland ready to sell weapons to Ukraine

Polish defense industrial sector is ready to cooperate with Ukraine in matters of weapon sales, and currently it all depends on officials.

This was announced by Poland's Vice Prime Minister and National Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak in Lublin on Thursday.

"Poland is ready to help Ukraine, we are ready to make an offer from our defense industrial sector to Ukraine, and we will work on it," Siemoniak said, adding that "this was announced by the President Bronislaw Komorowski and confirmed by the Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz at her talks with President Poroshenko."

He stressed that Poland is currently supplying Ukrainian Armed Forces with what they need the most. In this matter, he reminded of financial aid of 14 million PLN (more than $4 million) which was sent to Kharkiv days before.

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"We are trying to help in various ways. We are open for our defense industrial sector to sell its products to Ukraine. We believe Kyiv praises this decision. Currently it's all in hands of officials and defense company," he summed up.

At the same time, according to the minister, Warsaw wished that other NATO countries joined to the process of military aid to Ukraine. "It seems there is a significant change in position on this matter in the USA after the decisions made by the American parliament," Siemoniak noted.

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