Armed Forces of Ukraine to receive more than 1,000 articles of weapons and equipment by the end of the year - Defense Ministry

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive more than a thousand articles of latest and upgraded weapons and military equipment until the end of the year.

Defense Ministry Speaker Victoria Kushnir said today at the press briefing, Censor.NET reports citing liga.

According to her, 51 armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles, 58 trucks, 41 radars of varying coverage, 58 units of artillery, 115 engagement systems, 439 units of latest firearms to be delivered to the Armed Forces.

"New weapons and military equipment continue to be put into service. 14 such articles have already been put into service in 2014. These are latest Su-27 fighter trainers and Su-27 combat fighters, improved Mi-8 assault support helicopter, R-330 UM automatic electronic countermeasure system, Corsar-4 bullet resistant vests, ground-based flight data processing systems for Su-27 fighters, Fort 221 and Fort 224 assault rifles, Fort 17 and Fort 14 pistols and their modifications," she said.

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It is planned to put another seven articles of weapons and military equipment into service, including An-70 military transport aircraft, improved L-39 M jet trainer, latest BTR-4 APC based command vehicle, armored sanitary and breakdown vehicles, basic digital R-425 C radio relay station, and combined flare dispensers. "Mass production of mentioned articles of weapons and military equipment is planned for 2015," Kushnir said.

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