"Putin does not acknowledge his mistakes. He now has a convenient excuse to start full-scale war against Ukraine," Nemtsov Says

Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot admit the complete collapse of his policy, so he intends to write off the economic problems of Russia to the war.

This was stated by Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov on Radio Svoboda, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, the president of Russia has a convenient excuse to start a full-scale war against Ukraine.

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"He (Putin. - Ed.) now has a convenient excuse. After America adopted the law on the support of Ukraine, he can say that in fact we are talking about the occupation of Ukraine by the Americans, and he will start a war in defense of the Russian people. He has great opportunities to start a war, and these opportunities will allow him to write off the whole collapse on the war," Boris Nemtsov said.

According to him, everything points to the fact that Putin is preparing for war - passing the military budget which is 33% larger than last year's and continuing to send military, weapons, and money to the Donbas.

"Putin cannot be trusted. You can trust only specific actions. If I were in your shoes, I would not even talk to him until he does all these actions - until the Ukrainian military and border guards are standing at the Ukrainian-Russian border," Boris Nemtsov said.

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He also believes that Russia is not in a financial crisis but in a political one - the collapse of the ruble came out of the blue. Nemtsov considers the "insane policy" of the Russian president to be the reason for the current situation in Russia.

"If it were not for Putin's insane policy, if it were not for the war with Ukraine, the aggression, the self-isolation, if his actions were at least a bit reasonable, the current situation in Russia and in the world would not exist, the crisis would not exist. Thus, in fact, oil fell by half, but $60 is not such a small price for Russia. When I worked in the government in 1998, we had a default, but the oil price was eight dollars," Boris Nemtsov said.

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According to him, to get out of this crisis, you do not need to change the Russian prime minister and head of the central bank, but you need to change the policy.

"Is Vladimir Putin ready to change the policy? Is he ready to admit his fateful, criminal mistakes? Of course not!" Boris Nemtsov concluded.

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