"The cease-fire is in effect. The terrorists fight each other." - Ukrainian front line soldiers. VIDEO

Ukrainian soldiers on the front line have received an opportunity to rest a little from artillery shelling. They say the intensity of fighting has dropped significantly.

Ukrainian soldiers have been noticing more and more wrangles between different groups of terrorists, Censor.NET reports citing Military TV of Ukraine.

"If you can hear a salvo, it means it is not aimed at you. When you are being fired at, you won't hear the salvos," one of the soldiers says. "As of now, it's all calm, the cease-fire is in effect, they fight each other only."


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"When you're here, you stop paying attention to something insignificant," the other soldier goes on. "There's a shooting? So what, let go and have some tea."

"We have a command who tell us to shoot or not to shoot. The terrorists, they don't have any, they are on their own. They can arrive closer, make a few shots and leave, but we cannot. Our task is to keep the defense."

On the video, the soldiers show a blindage, which, according to them, can save from a direct hit from a mortar, but not from an MLRS. "When you're out of luck, you're out of luck," they say in quite a calm voice.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v316673