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 Russia obliged to pay record fine of 1.86 billion euro for Yukos deprivation by Putin's henchmen

Russia has three months to pay 1.86 billion euro to former Yukos shareholders.

The European Court of Human Rights decision on the claim of former Yukos shareholders against Russia came into force. The court rejected petition filed by the Russian Federation to review the case by the ECHR Grand Chamber, Censor.NET reports citing ECHR press release.

The site of the ECHR issued a press release stating that the request of Russia on consideration of the Yukos case by the Grand Chamber was rejected and, therefore, the original decision is final.

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ECHR delivered the judgment July 31, ordering Russia to pay the former shareholders of Yukos €1,86 billion for the violations in additional taxation that led to the bankruptcy of the company. In addition, the defendant will have to pay court costs in the amount of € 300 thousand...

The defendant must execute the ECHR decision within three months after it came into force. In this regard, the Ministry of Justice reported that its actions "will be based on the need to ensure the Russian Federation sovereign interests, based on the norms of existing national legislation, including the Constitution of the Russian Federation which has supreme legal force in the territory of Russia."

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Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted the possibility of Russia's exclusion from the ECHR jurisdiction considering most of its decisions to be politically motivated.

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