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 Russia made some constructive steps towards situation in Ukraine - U.S. Secretary of State

Russia has made constructive moves in recent days towards possibly reducing tensions in Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday.

Speaking in London, Kerry said the United States and Europe would lift sanctions within days or weeks depending on whether President Vladimir Putin takes more steps to de-escalate tensions and live up to commitments under September ceasefire accords to end the Ukraine conflict, Censor.NET reports citing Reuters.

"There are a lot of combined factors, but the sanctions were clearly intended to invite President Putin to make a different set of choices," Kerry said. "Now these sanctions could have been lifted months ago. These sanctions could be lifted in a matter of weeks, days, depending on the choices of President Putin."

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"We do not want the people of Russia to be hurt here," he said. "But yes, collaterally of course, they are caught up in the choices that their government makes," he stated.

"Let me say that Russia has made constructive moves in the last days," Kerry told reporters.

"There are some indications that whether it is the line of control negotiation or the calm that is, in fact, in place in a number of places, the withdrawal of certain people, there are signs of constructive choices. And that can only be helpful, hopefully," he added.

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