Putin regularly calls Poroshenko - Head of Presidential Administration

Head of Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin calls Petro Poroshenko not often, but quite regularly.

He stated this in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda, Censor.NET reports.

According to Lozhkin, he being the head of the PA (Presidential Administration) is constantly involved in negotiations with the Russians, the Americans, the EU officials, and regularly meets with ambassadors of the key countries.

He says that holding negotiations with the Kremlin is not particularly difficult.

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"I know quite well how to communicate with the Russians, so it is not difficult for me. I cannot say that Putin calls too often, but there is regular communication, regular conversations. I regularly communicate with head of the Russian presidential administration Ivanov, at least once in two weeks, sometimes more," the head of the PA said.

Lozhkin said that he does not participate in talks with Putin, while noting that the head of the latter's administration, Sergei Ivanov is "extremely polite" negotiator.

"I do not take part in conversations with Putin, so I cannot comment on it. But Ivanov is extremely easy going in conversation, I would say. There has not been ultimatum conversation with Ivanov. He's a very balanced interlocutor, extremely polite," the head of the AP said.

"I can say one thing - the talks are tough. They're tough in terms of content, in terms of matters. I would say it like this," he added.

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