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 Russian Foreign Ministry Is Not Embarrassed by Flow of Equipment, Weapons and Armed Forces Personnel Across Border and Their Bodies in Opposite Direction but it Embarrassed by Minsk Obligations - Perebyinis

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine receives with surprise the statement made by the Russian Foreign Ministry, in which the Russian party calls President Poroshenko’s demand to Russia to close uncontrolled border section "embarrassing".

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebyinis said in the comments to Interfax-Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

"It's hard to understand what exactly caused "embarrassment" of the Russian party in Ukraine's demand to close the section of the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions uncontrolled by the official Kyiv. After all, this requirement is clearly stated in the Minsk agreements," he commented Russian Federation Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich statement.

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Perebyinis regrets that the Russian party further vigorously refuses to make any particular steps in this regard. "The "embarrassment" is rather caused by the fact of ongoing flow of heavy military equipment, weapons and personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to Ukraine from Russia and the Russian soldiers' bodies in the opposite direction through this section of the border," Perebyinis said.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukashevich said at the briefing in Moscow Thursday that the demand of President of Ukraine Poroshenko to Russia to close the border between the two states was perceived with surprise by Moscow. "Such statements are surprising and embarrassing," he said. Lukashevich also claimed that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine. Poroshenko demanded from Russia to close the Russian-Ukrainian border, which, in his opinion, will lead to peace in the region in the shortest time possible.

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