Savchenko’ Health Seriously Deteriorated: She Asked for Help First Time Ever - Lawyer

Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko’s health deteriorated - she asked for help.

One of her lawyers Ilya Novikov wrote on Facebook after meeting with her in jail Thursday, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainska Pravda.

"She asked for help for the first time. She again has otitis of the right ear which she get chilled during transfer in September. The prison doctors cannot cope with the illness - now she completely lost hearing with this ear, and it seems it's getting worse. We are going to ask public monitoring committee to immediately send someone to examine her," Novikov wrote.

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In addition, according to the lawyer, a neighbor appeared in Nadia's cell for the first time in all these months. It is 24-year-old Zalina K., accused of complicity in robbery. They have developed normal relationships, Novikov noted.

The lawyer said that they spent about an hour with Savchenko studying Korneliuk's and Voloshin's calls billing provided by the SBU.

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"Even the incomplete information, which we currently have, evidences that the journalists that day came to the area where they then got under fire, not earlier than at 10:34 a.m. Moscow time, and Savchenko's phone was already in the center of Luhansk at 10:44," - Novikov stersses.

"In fact, the time gap is much bigger - captured Savchenko went missing at quarter past ten and the film crew arrived at the crossroads after 11 a.m. Basically, it will suffice to stop the persecution. Me and my colleagues will tell everything in detail in the near future," Novikov promised.

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The Moscow City Court will consider two successive complaints of Savchenko's protection Monday, including the appeal on extension of her arrest. Nadia will participate in the trial by videoconference.

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