"Ukrainian Soldiers Need to Be Supplied With Name Tags While There is Time" - Head of People's Memory Union

Majority of Ukrainian Troops Fighting in Donbas do not have name badges (or “dog tags”).

This was stated by Head of the People's Memory Union Yaroslav Zhylkin in an interview with Censor.NET.

"It breaks my heart, when we find the remains without a military ID, and the majority of the Ukrainian troops were sent to fight without "dog tags". No matter what you think about the current events, but the question arises, how could you send people in battle, failing to provide the most basic object, which costs 10 hryvnia, but allows you to determine who is it?" the scout-searcher notes.

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Commenting on the importance of supplying soldiers with these tags, Zhylkin gave an example of World War II.

"There were so many unidentified bodies for this reason - the Germans had the tags and the Soviet soldiers did not. We can establish the identity of every second or third German, but as to our soldiers - only one in ten. So, we are now repeating past mistakes even in such trifle things. There needs to be an understanding of the problem and, while there is time, the Ukrainian soldiers need to be supplied with name tags," he concluded.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n315654