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 Merkel Threatens Russia With New Sanctions: "They Will Be Adopted If it Cannot Be Avoided"

Berlin’s goal is "indivisible territorial Ukraine." Until it is achieved, sanctions against Russia will continue.

Germany is not going to soften its policy toward Moscow, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, Censor.NET reports citing zn.ua.

According to Merkel, by annexing Crimea, Russia violated international law, and it is also currently trying to make the neighboring countries its sphere of influence.

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"We will not overcome these problems, if we do not explicitly call things what they are," Merkel said during a speech at the congress of the Christian Democratic Union.

Berlin is ready to toughen sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that they harm the German economy. They (sanctions) are not an end in itself. But they will be adopted, if it cannot be avoided," Merkel said.

She added that the aim sought by Germany is "an indivisible territorial Ukraine", which can decide its future by itself.

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On Dec. 7, German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of the fact that Russia prevents convergence of Eastern European States and the European Union. We are talking about Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, which have signed Association Agreements on the basis of "their own sovereign decisions." Merkel said that Russia is violating the territorial integrity of these countries and does not allow to resolve the "frozen conflicts".

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