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 Residents of Odesa See Off Marines, Who Previously Served in Crimea, Departing to ATO Area. VIDEO

The residents of Odesa Saw off the Marines, who had previously served in Crimea, departing to the anti-terrorist operation area.

About a hundred activists and Marines' relatives gathered near the headquarters of the Southern Operational Command Dec. 7, to support servicemen, Censor.NET reports citing Chiornomorski Novyny.

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Many of them gave souvenirs to the military. The volunteers brought food and conventional necessities. The children from the school #72 handed over their letters with wishes as well as Ukrainian flag, which was signed by all the pupils of the third form.

"It was so nice of the kids that they brought pictures and letters. They all wish our military to be victorious," volunteer Tatiana Tiusheva said.

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"The feelings that overwhelmed not only me, but I think that everyone who came to see off the Marines, it is, above all, the sense of gratitude for them because they continue to do their duty. We promise to support the soldiers with prayer and material resources. In addition, our very presence here should be significant for them. It is very important for a person to feel oneself necessary," military chaplain, Father Oleksandr said.


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The soldiers' relatives said that the Marines wanted to fight in the ATO right after departure from Crimea but they were not allowed to for a long time. Now they are moving out and are happy that they can defend their country. "The morale of the Marines is very high. They are departing into the ATO area with the sense of duty. And I'm sure everything will be fine," the acting battalion commander said.

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