Russia Wages Media War on Ukraine - Freedom House

International non-governmental organization Freedom House admits that Russia wages media war on Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing Freedom on the Net 2014 report.

"During 2013-2014, the online sphere in Ukraine faced increasing pressure, though it remained the freest part of the media landscape. The Euromaidan protests, which erupted in November 2013 in response to then-president Viktor Yanukovych's refusal to sign an association agreement with the European Union (EU), grew into a long-term anti-government stand-off, which lasted until the end of February 2014 when the president was ousted and a new government was formed. This period was
characterized by a great uptick in civic activity online and the widespread use of internet and social networks for mobilization, grassroots organizing, and coordinating information flows to Ukrainians and those abroad, the report says.

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"In response, this mobilization was met with significant pushback in the form of repressive laws passed by the parliament in January 2014 under pressure from the Yanukovych government aimed at curbing the protest activity along with establishing more control over independent media and the online sphere. Pressure was also exerted on journalists, activists and bloggers, who suffered physical harm, DDoS attacks, and raids on media offices, along with partial website blocking and threatening
mass mobile messages. Ukrainian media faced DDoS attacks and massive information wars, including through the use of bots on social media and in commenting sections, as well as through propaganda and misinformation from the Russian government and Russian media outlets.

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"Online media outlets and social media platforms continue to play an important role as Ukraine faces new challenges, with activists using them for organizing and promoting ideas such as election monitoring, government oversight, and investigating bribery and corruption of former (or current) officials. The internet is also fast becoming a major field in an information war with Russia, with activists and journalists cooperating to debunk Russian propaganda and verify key facts about the events in Ukraine for the rest of the world," Freedom House concluded.

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