"DPR Rambo": "I Killed 5,475 American and Polish Snipers in the Donetsk Airport". VIDEO

One of the 'DPR' terrorists told about his personal acts of bravery in the Donetsk airport.

As reported by Censor.NET, a video was uploaded on the internet with a young man who calls himself a 'DPR' sniper. The man tell a story about how many Amarican and Polish snipers were killed by him in the Donetsk airport. As counted by the 'hero,' the number totaled 5,475 - "by 15 times more that there are days in a year."

Here is their conversation translated from Russian:

- "How many soldiers of Ukrainian army have you killed?"

- "By 15 times more than there are days in a year. When I was shooting snipers on the front line or at the airport when there was a large offensive, all the snipers were American and Polish. We checked the documents later, there were no Ukrainian-trained snipers, and they didn't have Ukrainian sniper rifles. All who I shoot were Polish and American mercenaries. Ukraine says no foreigners fight for it, but we checked the documents - one American, one Polish, one American, one Polish. No Ukrainian snipers."


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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v315013