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 Bildt Ridicules Putin Over Distorting History of Rus: "It's a Thin Basis for Moscow Claims on Crimea"

Former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt criticized the justification for the annexation of Crimea voiced today by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The diplomat believes that this is a very dubious reason for violating the borders of Ukraine. He commented on it on his Twitter page, Censor.NET reports.

"It was in ancient Greek city of Chersonesus that Viking Prince Valdemar of Kiev was baptised. Thin basis for Moscow claims on Crimea," the diplomat reminded Putin.

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During today's speech, Putin said that the spiritual source of Russia is located in Crimea: "Our people live in Crimea and the territory itself is strategically important because this is where the spiritual origins of the diverse but monolithic Russian nation and the centralized Russian state are. It was here in the Crimea, in the ancient Khersones, or as it was called by Russian chroniclers, Korsuni, that Prince Vladimir was baptized and later baptized all Rus," the Russian President said.

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