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 France Explained to Russia that Mistral Ships Delivery Depends Directly on Stabilization of Ukraine's Crisis

The deliveries of Mistral helicopter carriers were postponed until the situation in Ukraine is stable again.

This was announced by France's ambassador to Russian Federation Jean-Maurice Ripert, Censor.NET reports citing Europravda.

"The President ( François Hollande) confirmed some time ago that deliveries of Mistral carriers can be only postponed to the time when the situation in Ukraine makes such deliveries possible," the ambassador said answering a question about whether the situation in Ukraine is the only factor for the delivery.

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The first helicopter carrier of Mistral type, "Vladivostok" ship, was supposed to be transferred by France to Russian Fleet on Nov. 14. The president of France decided earlier not to deliver the ship to Russia because of the crisis in the eastern Ukraine.

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