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 Over 50 Officers of General Staff and Defense Ministry Executive Office Fired for Incompetency: Agency Checks Are Currently Conducted - Poltorak


More than 50 officials of the Defense Ministry Executive Office and General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been dismissed lately due to incompetency. The upcoming re-certification may lead to an increase in this number.

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak announced, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

"We get rid of the people who work inefficiently and delay decision-making. Many of them will be subjects to agency checks. And that's just the beginning. When we clearly understand by the end of the year who was actually working and what one's achievements were, then we will conduct re-certification of all Defense Ministry Executive Office administrative staff. We shall start with the deputy ministers," the Defense Ministry press service reports citing Poltorak.

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In addition, he said that a personnel reserve consisting of combat officers and generals, who will be able to replace those officials who do not pass the certification, is currently being formed.

"The volunteers help to collect information on managerial capacity of the commanders, whom I would like to offer the service in the Defense Ministry and the General Staff. We are looking not only for people who are able to make difficult and right decisions, but also those who have authority among the personnel. The volunteers working in this direction advocate which of the commanders and officers are the most respected... We will soon complete the personnel reserve list. This will attract the people who took part in combats - they know the problems not only from the guides and manuals but faced with these problems on the battlefield," the head of the Defense Ministry explained.

He also informed that the detachment of polygraph experts is formed within the Ministry of Defense Personnel Department.

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"The people who have access to the materiel and state secrets must go through examination using polygraphs. This will allow the leader to understand that the person is frank, that he is an honest employee. We will see the result of this work. I am convinced that it will help solve the problem of corruption," Poltorak voiced his position.

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