Maidan Shooting: Ex-Berkut Officer Zinchenko Might Be Released from Custody

According to information received from a source in the law enforcement system, ex-Berkut fighter Zinchenko might be released from custody.

Taras Haliak, human rights activist and coordinator of the Lawyers for the Nebesna Sotnia (Heavenly Company) association, writes it on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

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"Warning! Alert! On Dec. 1, the Court of Appeal might release the former Berkut Fighter Zinchenko from custody. According to information received from a source in the law enforcement system and the analysis of decisions of the Court of Appeal lead by the Judge Maria Prindiuk, we suspect that ex-Berkut fighter Zinchenko can be released from custody," he wrote.

Earlier it was reported that Zinchenko is suspected in execution of 39 Maidan activists. The petition was filed by Zinchenko's counsel.

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"We need maximum participation and support of all those who cherish the values of Euromaidan! It all depends on us," the human rights activist concluded.

Previously it was reported that in April the law enforcers detained three former Berkut officers suspected in the shooting of Euromaidan activists on Institutska street in February. In October, one of the detainees, a former Berkut company commander Dmytro Sadovnik, escaped house arrest.

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