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 US ‘Launched’ War in Ukraine Against Legitimate Interests of Russia - Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian authorities believe that the crisis in Ukraine is the result of "anti-constitutional seizure of power instigated, financed, and supported by the US and its allies."

Censor.NET reports citing the Russian delegation statement made at the talks on military security in Vienna, posted on the Foreign Ministry website.

The Kremlin also believes that the United States "subordinated" the EU and NATO in this issue. The geopolitical game started by the US in Ukraine is not only against Russia and its legitimate security interests, but also against Europe. A direct result of Washington's current policy became Ukraine's actual 'break', which is currently thrown into a civil war, the deterioration of relations between Russia and the EU together with NATO which were pressed by the US, a sharp aggravation of the military-political situation in Europe," the Russian authorities assured.

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The statement also expressed confidence that the United States is whipping up anti-Russian hysteria. The Kremlin also advised the United States to "start from the reality but not from false perception of its own greatness, and remember that global ambitions do not always correspond to the real possibilities."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n314067