OSCE Reports Terrorist Trucks With Heavy Artillery and Rocket Launchers Moving Towards Donetsk

According to the OSCE, the majority of vehicles is transporting heavy artillery and rocket launchers.

On Nov. 26th the mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) recorded a convoy of 20 vehicles. This was reported today by Speaker of the OSCE SMM Michael Bociurkiw. "On Nov. 26, on the way to the office in Shakhtarsk our observers saw a convoy of 20 unmarked Ural and Kamaz trucks," he stated, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

Bociurkiw reminded that in the last 12 days the OSCE mission has recorded three more convoy of unmarked military vehicles moving west numbering a total of about 70.

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Also, the speaker of the OSCE special mission noted that the people moving in these vehicles did not have insignia either. Most of these trucks were transporting heavy artillery and rocket launchers.

Bociurkiw also stated that under the Minsk agreements heavy artillery must be pulled out of the combat zone, but meanwhile, new convoys are heading to Donetsk.

"It may be questioned why we do not say where these convoys are from and who do they belong to. But we can only report what we see, and others can draw conclusions or take action. We are very careful in our reports," he concluded.

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Movement of two columns of military equipment in the direction of Luhansk through border checkpoint in Izvarino was recorded on Nov. 25.

According to the National Security Council, yesterday at 6 a.m. a convoy of military equipment proceeded from the territory of the Russian Federation in the direction Komsomolsk Donetsk region.

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