Terrorists Robbed Luhansk Penal Colony Weapons Arsenal - Internal Ministry

60 armed men in masks and camouflage uniforms stall ammunition and weapons from the penal colony#22 warehouse yesterday Nov. 27 in Komisarivka village of the Perevalsk district.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Main Directorate in the Luhansk region press service head Tatiana Pohukai reported on her page on Facebook, Censor.NET informs citing UNIAN.

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The regional prosecutor's office reported yesterday that 60 armed men wearing camouflage clothing and masks on two APCs broke into Komisarivka penal colony #22 at midday threatening with weapons in the village of Komisarivka (the territory is under the control of insurgents) and detained the chief of the colony

After that, they broke into the weapons storage room damaging the door and stole 80 pcs of Kalshnikov assault rifles, 10pcs of AKS Kalshnikov assault rifles, six pcs of AKSU Kalshnikov assault rifles, 2pcs of RPK Kalshnikov small machine gun, 33 Makarov pistols, 2 pcs of TOZ-8 rifle, ten pcs of Skiff gas pistol, five training weapons, 96 bayonets, nearly 13 thousand pcs of 5.45 mm cartridges of different types, 968 pcs of 9 mm caliber cartridges, 120 pcs of gas pistol cartridges, 38 pcs of lighting rockets.

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The terrorists released the chief of the prison and disappeared after they receiving the arms and ammunition. There were 175 convicts in the colony at the time of the attack.

There are no victims among the staff and prisoners. This fact is registered. The investigation is launched.

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