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 Remnants of Two Ukrainian Soldiers Were Found in Donbas. Volunteers Attempt to Identify Them. PHOTOS

Volunteers found the bodies of two Ukrainian soldiers in a field in the Donbas. Photos contain graphic images.

This is stated by head of the civil organization People's Memory Union Yaroslav Zhylkin on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Yesterday we found two bodies... We have previously been to this location numerous times. We received new information and spent two days in search of witnesses ... Found them ... One body was covered up (with IDs). The second one was found by combine operators during harvesting. How to explain this ... the second is multiple fragments of bone remains that had to be collected in the area of approximately 400 square meters gnawed by wild animals ... Found only half ... Nearby there was a cover for the passport and military ID, miraculously preserved certificate with the name on it..." he said.

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"Sitting in the evening at the HQ, discussing the previous day, someone said the following: "By spring, the second one would have been gone... the other documents would have decayed and his remains dragged during replowing… And it is unlikely that we would be able to find [other documents]. Time is against us, and here is this feeling of your own helplessness to change anything... And the feeling that apart from us and the loved ones, no one cares about it... Sorry for the tough photos, but EVERYONE should see this!" Zhilkin summed up.

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