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 Energy Ministry Idles Energy Enterprises in Occupied Zone

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry ceases production and other operations of state-owned enterprises in the ATO area subordinate to the Energy Ministry effective November 28, 2014.

The Order of the Ministry #841 of Nov. 25 reads, Censor.NET reports.

The Order instructs that "effective November 28, 2014, to stop production and operations of state-owned enterprises, institutions, organizations and associations that belong to the Energy Ministry as well as business entities in respect of which the Ministry of Energy accomplishes the state corporate rights management and which are situated in the ATO area."

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According to the document, the authorities of the enterprises ought to move the companies from the cities and villages on the territories of which the state authorities are temporarily not performing full powers or are unable to perform them at all to the cities and villages located on the territory where the state authorities exercise their powers in full. The authorities of the enterprises should evacuate the employees as well (with their consent) and evacuate the property and documents if possible.

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