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 Kazakhstan Stopped Supplying Electricity to Russia Through Fall of Ruble - Media

Kazakhstan stopped supplying electricity to Russia from November 24 because of the ruble devaluation.

Kazakhstan state-owned company Samruk-Energo Chairman of the Board Almasadam Satkaliev announced to CA-News, Censor.NET reports citing lenta.ru.

"Regarding the power supply, we have stopped to supply electricity to Russia since Nov. 24 because of the devaluation. It became unprofitable for our power plants. The loss of this market is a significant moment," Satkaliev said.

According to him, the reason for refusal of further power supply has become the "ruble devaluation which is taking place. The contracts are concluded in rubles," the head of Samruk-Energo said.

Russia has imported 3.9 terawatt-hours of electricity from Kazakhstan in 2013.

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