Threats to Global Security Are Real - NATO Secretary General

Jens Stoltenberg said during the Parliamentary Assembly of the Alliance in The Hague, that the threats to global security are more than real.

Censor.NET reports citing Deutsche Welle.

"In more peaceful times, it was right to reduce defense spending. But we do not live in peaceful times. So it is right to stop the cuts and to increase investment in our defense," - said Stoltenberg. The conflict in eastern Ukraine, instability in the Middle East and North Africa - all this indicates a change in the geopolitical situation in the world, NATO Secretary General said. "The threats are real," Stoltenberg warned in this regard.

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According to the NATO Secretary General, the Alliance member countries consistently reduced the number of soldiers and military vehicles they have in service after the Cold War. "If we look around the world, while NATO has cut defense spending, others have rapidly increased it. Over the last 5 years, Russia increased its spending by fifty percent. And it plans further increases," Stoltenberg emphasized.

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