Ukraine to Resume its Course "for Integration into Euro-Atlantic Security Community"

According to the head of state of Ukraine, the country needs urgent and effective support from the Alliance.

President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that Ukraine re-establishes the course for Euro-Atlantic integration. His statement, voiced by the advisor to Ukrainian President Rostislav Pavlenko today at the 60th session of the Assembly in The Hague, was addressed to members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Censor.NET reports citing LigaBusinessInform.

"Our country decisively re-establishes the political course for integration into Euro-Atlantic Security Community. The course reflects the desire of Ukrainian citizens," the call reads.

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Poroshenko stressed that Ukraine needs to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthen defense capabilities, democratic institutions, and the implementation of political and economic reforms.

"We need urgent and effective support from our partners in the Alliance. Only together can we overcome the serious threats to European security rendered by the illegal actions of Russia. Ukraine is at the forefront of the battle against terrorism in Europe today," Poroshenko wrote.

He also expressed his conviction that joint efforts of Ukraine and NATO are required to stop the aggressor and make it adhere to the reached agreements.

Poroshenko said earlier today that the decision whether to join NATO or not should be taken at a national referendum.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said today that Ukraine would be a member of NATO if it meets all the requirements and if it wants to. "The doors remains open. We have decided so. I was at the summit in Bucharest when we decided that Ukraine will be a member (of the NATO -ed.). This decision remains in force if Ukraine fulfills the criteria for the membership and if it wants to (join - ed.)," Stoltenberg said.

According to the Reiting survey research company, the highest level of the population's support of Ukraine's entering NATO was registered in November in Ukraine. If a referendum on Ukraine's joining NATO would take place now, half of the respondents (51%) would vote for joining, 25% would be against. Another quarter includes people who are undecided or would not participate in such referendum.

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