USA Should Provide Anti-Tank Weapons, Drones, and Other Equipment, Senator Portman Says

Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) renewed his calls for the United States to stand with Ukraine in the face of the continued Russian encroachment into the country.

Portman urged increased military assistance, stating, "Ukraine needs a sustained commitment from the United States and our allies to provide both the quality and the quantity of equipment necessary to preserve its independence," Censor.NET reports citing the politician's web page.

"Events in Ukraine are a direct challenge to the entire U.S.-led international order… Confidence in America's willingness to use our unmatched capabilities to uphold this system deters potential challengers and incentivizes other countries to play by the rules…If the credibility of this commitment is in doubt, then the stability and openness upon which U.S. economic prosperity and national security depend is jeopardized and the chance for violence, instability, and economic collapse increases.

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"Ukraine sought - and received - assurances from the international community that its borders would be respected if it gave up its nuclear weapons…How could any nation we seek to prevent from developing nuclear weapons ever trust U.S. security assurances if they see in the carnage and destruction in Ukraine, if they see this as the result of trading nuclear weapons for American guarantees?

"The President keeps saying that, 'there is no military solution to this conflict.' The President may think so, but Moscow certainly doesn't.

"I am convinced that a piecemeal, reactionary response to intimidation from Moscow is a recipe for failure. Instead, we must have a comprehensive, proactive strategy that strengthens NATO, deters Russian aggression, and gives Ukraine the political, economic, and military support it needs to maintain its independence. We need a strategy that seeks to shape outcomes, not be shaped by them.

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"Ukraine needs anti-tank weapons to defend against armored assaults; it needs modern air defense systems to defend against Russian air superiority; it needs unmanned aircraft to monitor its borders and detect violations of its sovereignty and of the cease fire; it needs secure communications gear to prevent Russia from accessing Ukrainian plans and troop locations; it needs advanced counter-battery radar to target the artillery batteries responsible for so many of the causalities in the conflict; it needs elite rapid reaction forces capable of responding to Russian border provocations and the fast-moving, asymmetric 'hybrid war' tactics Russia used to destabilize the country. Ukraine has asked for this support; we should provide it.

"This Administration has been a black box when it comes to even the most basic information on our efforts to aid Ukraine. This lack of transparency on the day-to-day implementation of U.S. assistance programs raises questions about the underlying policy guidance driving it, and whether the administration actually has far more modest goals than the President's public rhetoric would suggest.

"Every day we delay, every day we dither, every day we match Russian action with half-measures and self-imposed limitations, Moscow is emboldened, and the danger grows."

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