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 General Assembly and Council Will Be Governing Bodies of Coalition. Each Faction Will Have Veto Right

The decision on the activities of the coalition will be mainly made by the Coalition Council, where each faction will have one vote, and decisions will be made by consensus.

This is stated in the text of the coalition agreement initialed on Friday, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

The governing bodies of the coalition will be the General Assembly and the Council.

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Only the General Assembly is entitled to submit a proposal regarding the candidacy for the prime minister to the president, make changes to the coalition agreement and terminate the existence of the coalition.

The decisions of the General Assembly shall require a two-thirds majority of members of the coalition with the provision that the decision shall be voted for by at least a half of each faction of the coalition.

Other decisions regarding the activities of the coalition will be made by the Coalition Council.

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It will consist of three representatives of each faction member with the head of the faction obligatory present.

Each faction has one vote, and the decisions of the Council are made by consensus.

The agreement provides the form of cooperation with the president and the Cabinet of Ministers, which will receive "a deliberative vote."

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"The president, prime minister, Cabinet members and other invited persons with the right of deliberative vote can participate in the Coalition Council meetings," the document says.

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