Information about Russian military redeployment from the East caused a stir: “People of Buryatia oppose war in Ukraine,” blogger. PHOTO

Information about redeployment of Russian soldiers from the Eastern military district of Russia to Ukrainian border caused a stir both in Ukraine and Russia.

As reported by Censor.NET, blogger Iraklii Komakhidze wrote about this for InformNapalm.

"For several days, I have been observing an epopee with redeployment of soldiers from the Eastern military district of Russian Federation to Ukrainian border. Information that I and InformNapalm team published caused a huge stir both in Ukraine and Russia, especially in Buryatia, where the military units in question are located. Many relatives of redeployed soldiers learned about the redeployment of the military to the Ukrainian border from mass media (our information about it was spread and broadcasted by some local Buryat web sites). Later, parents and relatives whose sons, brothers and husbands were sent to the Rostov region against their will contacted me.

I would like to express special gratitude to Dorjo Dugarov (public activist, one of leaders of Buryat national democratic movement), who has taken the news to heart," the blogger noted.

оккупанты бурятия

Dorjo and other activists ensure that people of Buryatia are against war in Ukraine. Buryatian community is currently taking certain steps that might help release militaries from ther 'trip.'

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As reported earlier, militaries from Buryatia, namely cities of Ulan-Ude and Kyakhta, have been sent to the Rostov region by deceit, under a fake excuse of military exercise. Upon arrival, they were instructed on spot, informed of possibility of being involved into "humanitarian" operations on the territory of Ukraine, and forced to obligation of nondisclosure.

бурятия оккупанты

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