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 Seven Operating Mines Left in Donbas. 89,000 Miners Live in Occupied Area – Energy Ministry

There are only seven mines operating in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions currently. The rest are idle.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yurii Ziukov announced, Censor.NET reports citing glavkom.

"89 thousand miners remain on the occupied territory. Only seven mines are operating in two regions, all the rest are idle. The miners get no payment - they have not received salaries since August. No one invests a single hryvnia not only in development but even in production there. Thus the process of coal mining will be completely stopped there soon," the deputy minister said.

Ziukov confirmed that the militants' firing points located above the coal layers next to the mines will not be able to destroy these positions.

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"It's true. The militants deploy their firing points next to the mines. You should understand that there are people now who do not think about the future. I have all the relatives and friends from the Donbas - my home is there ... They retold me the dialogue with some militants who came from Voronezh. "Why did you come here?" one of my friends asked them. The terrorists answered: "We came here to plunder." Would such a person think about a mine or miners? No. He will plunder and leave," Ziukov said.

He could not name the amount of funds needed to restore the mines infrastructure.

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"It is impossible to estimate damage being in Kyiv. We need to have access to the territory in order to make assessments. The experts should to go there and make complete inspection and examination. When the territories are liberated and there is peace, if it's God's will, then we can evaluate which mine can be restored and which one can not," Ziukov said.

Coal industry on the territory controlled by the LPR and DPR received nearly 3 billion hryvnia from the Ukrainian budget during the second and third quarters of 2014, despite the fact that they all are on the territory occupied by the Russian-terrorist forces.

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