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 "We Are Not Leaving Without Money" - Mothers of Yenakieve Came to Terrorists to Get Money for Food

On Monday, Nov. 17, local female residents of Yenakieve (the Donetsk region) came to the city administration building to demand payments of their benefits for children.

Mothers with many children and single mothers came with their children to the so called 'mayor' of Yenakieve and demanded the payment of benefits.

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The women, who live on terrorists-controlled territories, claimed that despite being listed for the benefits, they never received any payments. The incumbent mayor, who some of the women saw for the first time, said they had no funds, and promised to go to Donetsk to negotiate about the payments.

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The new 'mayor' also promised the women to settle the issue by Friday.

According to another 'official' from the Yenakieve city hall, the DPR terrorists received another humanitarian convoy with money. "You will receive the payments," he assured the mothers.

In order to calm the riot down, the 'authorities' distributed 100 humanitarian sets of food among the women.

It is also reported that similar riots happened on Monday in Torez and Sverdlovsk of the Donetsk region.

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