U.S. Congress to Consider Granting Weapons and Ammunition to Ukraine


The U.S. Congress will consider the law on Lend-Lease, which proposes to transfer weapons, ammunition, and other types of armament to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression.

The author of the bill, Republican Michael Burgess, is convinced that financial aid in the current situation is no longer enough, Censor.NET reports citing the Voice of America.

Commenting on the events in Ukraine, Burgess said:

"Ukrainians want to live in a united, independent, stable and prosperous democracy. And without a doubt, the war in the Donbas complicates reform efforts. Russian aggression made Ukraine a more united, more democratic and, ironically, more pro-Western. The results of the recent elections have confirmed it. The GOP representative aims to help Ukraine in its quest for freedom and democracy.

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"The position of the Congress is solidarity with Ukraine. The US has already provided financial and material assistance to Ukraine, but taking into account the constant aggression and lack of respect for the peace plan, demonstrated by Russia, Ukraine needs more than money. Ukraine needs weapons, ammunition, body armor, and communication means," the congressman said. "Of course, financial assistance is important, but not as much as weapons and ammunition to fight off the Russian troops which invaded a sovereign country."

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Michael Burgess' bill H.R. 5315 proposes to grant the U.S. president the right to transfer weapons to Ukraine under the Lend-Lease program. If the bill is passed, Ukraine can count on anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, ammunition, assault and sniper rifles, other firearms, grenade launchers, machine guns, fire control systems, body armor, multipurpose vehicles, and more.

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