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 200 Terror Suspects Arrested – Nalyvaichenko

Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said that 200 terror and sabotage suspects are already arrested.

He said it on Friday night on Inter TV channel, Censor.NET reports. "200 terror and sabotage suspects are currently under arrest," Nalyvaichenko said. Answering the question, if they can be exchanged for Ukrainian POWs, he stated that the level of their pre-trial restriction can be changed in that case.

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Nalyvaichenko noted that there are there are volunteers, soldiers, and security cervice agents among the prisoners. "Believe me, we continue to liberate them," he said. Head of the SBU said that a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine was released last night. "Hopefully, 23 Ukrainian military will be liberated today," he added.

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Nalivaychenko also said that the courts have already rendered verdicts in 15 criminal proceedings on terrorist or sabotage acts. The SBU considers that such trials should be open.

Earlier Censor.NET reported that the SBU has arrested a former head of counterintelligence, suspected in treason against the state.

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