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 National Guard Detachments Received Improved Tanks

The National Guard soldiers received upgraded tanks. T-64 Bulat tank is additionally equipped with a reinforced turret and sides. It also has 125 millimeter cannon and two machine guns installed.

TSN story tells, Censor.NET reports.

As noted, there are 10 improved T-64 tanks in service with the National Guard of Ukraine. The negotiations with the State Concern Ukroboronprom began six weeks ago. Kharkiv Malyshev Plant, the armored vehicles manufacturer, is incorporated with Ukroboronprom Defense Industrial Holding Group.

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There is information in the media on Ukraine's refusal from the contract with Congo for the supply of the same tanks like these improved ones. Dozens of the vehicles, ordered by foreigners, will fight in the east of Ukraine. Ukroboronprom doesn't say whether Ukraine has broken the contract. The information was managed to be partially confirmed by the Malyshev plant and the National Guard.

If the information about the termination of the contract is confirmed, Ukraine will have to pay penalty to the partners since there is no war in the country officially, and the force majeure conditions may not be legally applied as the reason of contract termination.

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