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 Pro-Russian Forces in Kharkiv Perk Up Again, Preparing Rally Nov. 18 - Gerashchenko

Adviser to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko said that the pro-Russian forces in Kharkiv are trying to perk up again.

He wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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Gerashchenko writes: "After the defeat that the Kharkiv pro-Russian forces suffered late September, they are again trying to lift up their head.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has recently intercepted information that the pro-Russian rally is prepared and scheduled to be held in Kharkiv at the Turboatom plant gatehouse on 199 Moskovskii Avenue on Nov. 18."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will certainly appeal to the court to prohibit this action in order to avoid provocations by the pro-Russian saboteurs, and it will suffer the fate of previous unsuccessful event. The patriotic Kharkiv residents demolished statue of Lenin the day after it."

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He stressed: "However, I would like the society to be aware how such actions are prepared, what are the prices for pro-Russian titushkas (demonstrators-for-hire), and the most interesting fact - which Ukrainian media is planned to be attracted to cover these events."

So, let's begin!

The theme of the meeting:

1. To draw attention to social-economic situation deterioration in Ukraine.

2. To remind of the importance of economic ties with Russia.

3. Consolidation of the existing asset.

More topics:

1. Do not let to kill Turboatom - Kharkiv industry flagship.

2. Turboatom is pride of Kharkiv.

3. Enough destroying the industrial capacity of Kharkiv.

4. Russia is the main consumer. It is important to preserve ties with Russia.

The organizations applying for participation in the rally are "The Women's Movement of Kharkiv", "The Workers of the Kharkiv Region."

Private persons, organizers of the rally, are Oksana Shtyk, Pavlo Tyshchenko, Valerii Tsiurtok."

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"And now the most interesting - who would have to cover the event.

Of cause it will be a group consisting of Russia 24, ORT, NTV, RTR, REN TV, and Life News TV channels. But there is a problem - these channels are no longer broadcasting in Ukraine. The National Commission on Television and Radio and the Interior Ministry invested efforts in this. But a number of Ukrainian media is always ready to give a helping hand to Russian fake-making propagandists. The interception clearly indicates that it was planned to attract Inter TV channel, Sehodnya newspaper, Newspaper-2000, Kyivskyi Telegraf to cover the rally. R-1 Kharkiv TV channel, as well as local Vechirnii Kharkiv newspaper are also planned to overhype the event. The following websites will certainly be involved: Russkii Dozor, Russkaia Vesna, Russkaia Linia, Anna News, Novoross - Info and several others," the head of the Interior Ministry adviser says.

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He also names the cost of the action: "How much will all this performance cost anyway? The planned number of the participants is 150 people. The participation reward is 1,000 rubles for each person. I'm not mistaken: the wage rates are specified in rubles. The hirelings at heart don't care what currency it would be as long as the money is paid. It is 150 thousand rubles totally.

3 organizers of the action will be paid 10 thousand rubles each.

50 thousand rubles allocated for the local media.

So it costs only 250 thousand rubles to organize a picture for the Russian TV channels in Kharkiv. It is $4,150 at the exchange rate of 60 rubles for $1."

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"Roughly the same way the puppeteers from Moscow organized the rest of the rallies in south-eastern cities of Ukraine. As the saying goes - nothing personal, just business. The good news is that the police have learned to identify all the points of tension in advance and be aware of the events that are prepared in the pro-Russian circles of Kharkiv. Now, while the separatists have not yet gathered and earned their thirty Russian pieces of silver, we already know where and when it will take place, who is the organizer and how much money the participants want to earn.

It is a pity that we do not yet have the criminal liability for a rally funded by Russia. Obviously we'll have to introduce one.

PS: I wonder what will patriotic Kharkiv residents demolish this time, after another unsuccessful Kharkiv-racist titushkas' rally?" Gerashchenko sums up.

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