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 Mariupol Completed First Line of City’s Defense

To date, the work on setting up the first line of defense in Mariupol is complete.

It is reported by Censor.NET citing the HQ of Mariupol Defense.

According to the headquarters, the work on constructing the first line of defense has been completed today and the work on the second one has commenced.

"Every day, the positions of the anti-terrorist operation are strengthened by new engineering structures," the statement says.

In addition, the intelligence of sector M (Mariupol area - ed.) reports the absence of a direct threat to the city.

"Near the notional boundaries that are a potential threat to Mariupol no equipment or clusters of enemy personnel has been spotted," the statement notes.

According to HQ, the artillery of the Azov regiment has been shelling the enemy positions for two days.

"During this time, several enemy positions were hit, most of which have been eliminated. Today, soldiers of the special purpose regiment Azov are conducting combat coordination and preparing for future fights," the headquarters stated.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n311746