26-Year-Old Assistant of President’s Deputy Chief of Staff Appointed Head of Department of Self-Government and Decentralization


Department of Local Self-Government and Decentralization of the Presidential Administration is headed by 26-year-old Kateryna Kodonenko.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Ukrainska Pravda.

She was appointed to this position on Oct. 3 this year, and on Oct. 22 Kodonenko was assigned 5th rank of civil servant.

Previously, she was an assistant and consultant of the Verkhovna Rada staff: January 2013 - July 2014 - without the effect of the law "On Civil Service", July - September 2014 - with the effect of the law.

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Kodonenko's civil service experience started on Jul. 10 this year (total work experience is over 8 years), as indicated in her curriculum vitae on the Presidential Administration's website.

Journalist Volodymyr Boyko on his Facebook page explains the reasons for such an appointment.

"People have been asking me a lot as to who this 26-year-old girl is who was appointed head of the Department of Local Self-Government and Decentralization of the Presidential Administration on Oct. 3. Kodonenko Kateryna, who had a meager job as a "legal adviser for Zhytomyr factory of protective structures," Boyko wrote.


According to him, the owner of the Zhytomyr factory of protective constructions is First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Hennadii Zubkov. Kateryna Kodonenko worked as his assistant and consultant when he was an MP.

Head of the president's press service Andrii Zhyhulin in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda said: "After the revolution of dignity the process of change in the country cannot be stopped. There are many young people working in the Verkhovna Rada."

"Kateryna Kodonenko despite her age has a law degree and has experience of developing more than 30 bills in various fields for the Parliament, including housing and utilities, amendments to the state budget, as well as raising social issues," Zhyhulin said.

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"The future competition that will take place soon in accordance with the law will show whether she can hold a senior position in the Administration of the President. In the meantime, Kateryna will temporarily serve as the Head of Department of local self-government and decentralization," he said.

Zhyhulin also promised that the outcome of this competition will be announced.

He noted that Kodonenko worked as an MP assistant before joining the Presidential Administration.

As to the question of whether she was recommended for the position by the first deputy head of the Administration, he referred the journalists to Zubko himself.

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