Russia Completed Formation of Offensive Strike Group - Tymchuk

армия российская

The concentration of the Russian troops in the Donbas has been completed.

This is stated by head of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"The bulk of local gangs was provided with manpower and supplied with weapons and military equipment. At the moment only remanning and redeployment of individual units take place," Tymchuk wrote.

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In addition, he noted that the transfer of ammunition, fuel, and others resources from the territory of the Russian Federation within the framework of increasing stocks of material and technical means for the autumn-winter period is being conducted: "Thus, we can say that presently the aggressor has in fact created the tools for intensifying the fighting and resolution of local tasks in the ATO area."

Tymchuk also noted that Russian special services offered the terrorists to form crews for the Russian military equipment in advance, in the DPR and LPR territory from the militants trained by Russian instructors. And only then come to the Russian territory to receive and transfer the military equipment to the territory of the Donbas on their own.

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"At least four "equipment transfer" points have been spotted in the frontier area of Russia with at least two major routes (north and south) for the transfer of goods supply, weapons and military equipment and personnel for the needs of the Russian-terrorist troops in Donbas," he added.

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