Donbas Guerrillas Destroy Militant Group and Cossack Leader Marshal. PHOTOS

Unidentified Donbas guerrillas neutralized a group of militants and leader of the so-called "Cossack Guard" Marshal. The Ukrainian fighters were unscathed.

This is stated on Revolution - United Country page on a social network, Censor.NET reports.

боевики террористы груз-200

"The pictures show a car that we waited for over two hours. In the course of the operation it was shot out from an ambush, the fight lasted just a few minutes, and. owing to coordinated work of our unit, there were no casualties on our side while the militants have been eliminated. The guerrillas have replenished their arsenal with an AK-74, several grenades and an RPG-18 (The Fly)," the Ukrainian fighters write.
боевики террористы груз-200боевики террористы груз-200

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боевики террористы груз-200

"The last photo shows the result of a successful special operation to eliminate one of the Cossack Guard commanders, so-called Marshal. The commander and his driver were neutralized. We came out of the battle with two assault rifles, a handgun and medicines," the post says.

Underground activists report that in the last month, 11 volunteers ready to defend their homeland, Donbas, from terrorists have joined the guerrilla ranks.

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Earlier, the guerrillas posted a video message in which they implored the Russian occupiers, DPR and LPR militants and others to "get lost from this land."

"Everything near you will explode and burn. We will crush you until you are all gone so watch your back!" the partisans of Donbas stated.

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