Russia Secretly Deploys Unit of the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade to Ukrainian Border. PHOTOS

Since the beginning of November there has been redeployment and accumulation of Russian units in Kamensky district of the Rostov region.

This is stated by investigative blogger Irakli Komakhidze on Informnapalm, Censor.NET reports.


New evidence of the reconnaissance unit being present at the border with Ukraine has been obtained. Presumably it is a part of a consolidated task force of the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation (military installation # 38643 of the North Fleet. Sputnik village, Murmansk region), the blogger writes.

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"A unit of the brigade was noted by me earlier, in September of this year. For a while the marines, like other Russian military units in the border areas disappeared from sight for more than a month. But since late October they began to appear in Kamensky district of Rostov region with renewed composition, hiding in the new field camps south of Malaya Kamenka village, along the A-260 motorway leading to Izvaryne.

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Redeployment of Russian troops right next to the Ukrainian border is being conducted from the main base of Rostov invading forces group located near Millerovo airfield (Rostov region). Active movement of convoys has been spotted since early November," the blogger notes.

армия рф оккупанты

"It should be noted that the Russian military command tries to transfer the units directly to the frontier zone covertly, with minimum use of major roads (so as not to be caught on cameras). The movement of military convoys from Millerovo to Kamensky district is carried out not by the central highway Don but through a detour route. To ensure smooth movement of these convoys, military engineers deployed a pontoon ferry across the Donets river in the vicinity of the Filippenkov village," Komakhidze writes.

армия рф оккупанты

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армия рф оккупантыармия рф оккупанты

"We have already noted the presence in the area of the 8th motorized rifle brigade (military installation # 16544 South Military District, Borzoi village, Chechnya), the 74th motorized rifle brigade (military installation 21005 - Central Military District, Yurga, Kemerovo region), as well airborne troops intelligence and sabotage and intelligence groups of GRU special forces," the blogger reminds.

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армия рф оккупанты

The 61st brigade is not the only unit of the Northern Fleet present in the composition of the invading forces. In early September, a division of the 200th motorized task force brigade was spotted. It is also under the command of the Northern Fleet.

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