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 Russia Makes Every Effort to Prevent Boeing Downing Investigation - Hroisman

Russia is trying to prevent the legal completion of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash investigation, thus it will continue to create obstacles to both Ukraine and the international group of investigators.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing, and Utilities Volodymyr Hroisman said at the meeting with Australian Minister of Justice Michael Keenan, Censor.NET reports citing the Cabinet press service.

"Russia is making every effort to ensure that we do not legally complete the investigation. They constantly deny access to some details and areas that may be important for the completion of the investigation," Hroisman said.

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According to him, Ukraine, on the contrary, is doing and will do its best to facilitate the soonest completion of the investigation and finding those guilty in the downing.

"The plane was shot down by those supported by Russia. We are interested that the perpetrators were punished," deputy prime minister said.

Hroisman and Keenan discussed the course of the investigation, which is conducted by the international group led by the Netherlands. In particular, the minister of Justice of Australia noted that the investigators gained access to the crash site on the territory controlled by terrorists only through the comprehensive assistance of the Ukrainian authorities.

"If it were not for Ukraine, we would not have such access. This process goes on taking a lot of time and effort but we hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice," said Keenan.

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