Russian Military Prosecution Office refused to disclose deaths of Pskov paratroopers for this is state secret. DOCUMENT

The Main Military Prosecution Office of the Russian Federation refused to disclose information about the deaths of paratroopers from the city of Pskov due to the information being classified.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ukrainska Pravda, the Main Military Prosecution Office announced that in its official response to Lev Shlosberg, member of the Pskov regional council, who had requested information on the deaths.

Shlosberg posted the request in his Echo of Moscow blog.

"Today the Pskov regional council received response to my request about 12 individuals that perished between June and September of 2014 who served in military units permanently based in the territory of the Pskov region (76th airborne division and 2nd special engagement brigade of the State Intelligence Agency (GRU)," the deputy wrote.

The response states that the deaths of the paratroopers have been acknowledged and the circumstances are currently under investigation in accordance with criminal procedural law.

The Prosecution Office noted that a forensic examination has been completed. The Office also stated that military exercises are conducted according to orders from military authorities.

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"Information about those exercises and related circumstances could not be disclosed due to the national interests of the Russian Federation," Shlosberg wrote citing the Prosecution Office, who stated that the data are a state secret.

As reported, in late August the Ukrainian military captured a Russian armored personnel carrier and retrieved documents that belonged to the Pskov airborne division. The fate of its crew is unknown.

Later media reported about the deaths of 12 paratroopers from the Pskov region. They were buried on Aug. 25.

Shlosberg, who had been investigating the deaths of the paratroopers, was brutally beaten in August.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p311187