First Decision of New Parliament Shall Be Investigation of Elections Violations - Butusov

Once the Verkhovna Rada takes the oath and begins to work, its first decision should be the creation of an investigative commission on violations committed during the elections.

This is stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

According to the journalist, the composition of the Central Election Commission (CEC) should be completely replaced, with the majority of its current members, headed by Okhendovskyi, "sent to jail - any other result will be a shame for the judiciary system."

"These soulless falsification automatons were handpicked by Yanukovych - and they cannot change, their conscience had long ago been burned out with flamethrowers," Butusov notes. In his opinion, such lawlessness as non-admission of Bulatetskyi to the elections, the cynical mass replacement of commission members and other instances of fraud on numerous polling stations represent "complete discrediting of democracy." "This whole mess is happening under the reliable protection of the Prosecutor General's Office, which does not see anything illegal in the fact that the CEC makes decisions completely arbitrarily and unlawfully, changes commission members and chairmen of district commissions violating all procedures," Butusov writes.

Therefore, in his opinion, only the Parliament can set it right.

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"Okhendovskyi and other "official type" trash who voted for the illegal change of the composition of commissions, should be punished to the full extent, and his name should become a symbol of corruption and shame to ward off others. All violations must be made public.

"If we allow the preservation of this gang, which does not have an ounce of conscience and respect for the law, in the CEC, the next elections will not take place without blood. If the investigation of the parliamentary commission will be as transparent and open as Ilovaisk investigation - it will be an infusion of democracy. I am confident that when Okhendovskyi goes to prison with his property being confiscated, the next composition of the Central Electoral Commission will be made of people who are aware of their responsibility before their conscience and the society. The investigative commission should provide a personal assessment of each [member] without ceremonies. Falsificators should be named what they are," Censor.NET editor-in-chief wrote.

At the end of the post Butusov quotes Andrii Teteruk: "Those who do not believe in any fair resolution of the situation, just think where Yanukovych and his closest friends are now. Enough panic and yelling "all is lost". You are adults (It seems to me)."

Poroshenko Block MP Mustafa Naiem commented on the post: "I already asked to write the text of the resolution on creating the commission and tomorrow we will start gathering 15 adherents for introducing it for the Parliament's consideration. I would like to add one more district with Oles Dovhyi. I am ready to join the commission and I think it would be nice if Boris (Filatov - Ed.) also joined it, since he is a lawyer, and it will be easier together."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n311076