Political Analyst: Obama Lost Control of the Senate. Ukraine Has Increased Chances of Obtaining Weapons and Strategic Ally Status

Ukrainian political scientist and historian Oleksii Haran says that Barack Obama is in a difficult situation after the Republican Party’s victory in the elections to the U.S. Senate.

He stated this in an interview with Gordon, Censor.NET reports.

"As a result of these elections, Obama has lost control of the Senate, whose House of Representatives was already under the control of the Republicans. It means a pretty bad situation for him, since he now has no control over both houses. The majority in both houses now belongs to his political opponents, and it leaves him with little wiggle room," Haran said.

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"As for Ukraine, we know that the Republicans are more lenient towards Ukraine and have a tougher stance on Moscow. This is their traditional position. The Congress already had an understanding, among Democrats as well, as to the need to provide more support to Ukraine," the analyst said.

According to him, after reformatting, the Senate is likely to provide new kind of support for Ukraine in the conflict with Russia.

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"Now the chances that, say, the Congress passes legislation that will allow Ukraine to obtain weapons and the status of a strategic ally outside the United States are increasing. Another thing that we must remember is that Obama has the veto power, which can be overcome by two-thirds of the Congress. But I think that if the Congress passes a law providing for the possibility of granting weapons to Ukraine, it will be hard for Obama to block it," Haran said.

The recent U.S. Senate elections were won by the Republican Party, which will limit the ability of the U.S. president to implement legislative initiatives.

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