'Observers' at DPR's Fake Elections Admitted Being Paid by Russia

днр dpr

Czech journalist and politician Ladislav Zemanek, who participated in the fake elections in Donetsk as 'international observer,' confessed on his Facebook page about being invited and paid by 'Russian party.'

Zemanek tagged two more 'observers' who visited DPR with him in his post, and none of them disposed the information about a Russian sponsor, Censor.NET reports citing Europravda.

"The offer was organized by the Russian party, so it is obvious who paid for it," Zemanek said.

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"I recognize the elections completely... I can say for sure that I didn't witness any mistakes, the atmosphere was friendly and enthusiastic. We could learn from them," he assured.

This message is only open for Zemanek's Facebook friends. Later, when discussing the matter with them, the 'observer' acknowledged there were no lists of voters. However, this was not a problem because "nobody knows where people live."

"I will write a more detailed message soon with more information on my meeting with famous Russian thinker Alexandr Dugin," Zemanek summed up.

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As reported, pseudo elections in the Donbas were held on Nov. 2. The only country which recognized the results was Russia.

European politicians believe that by doing this, Russia and pro-Russian terrorists try to undermine the Minsk agreements.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n310590