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 The EU to Consider New Sanctions Against Russia Nov. 17: "Things Are not Improving. People Continue to Die" - Mogherini


The Council of Europe plans to discuss possible new sanctions against the Russian Federation at its next meeting, which is to be held Nov. 17.

Head of the EU Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini announced at a press conference in Warsaw Thursday morning, Censor.NET reports citing Evropravda.

"It is clear that things are not improving. So we need to discuss what kind of steps we take next... also in our strategy in terms of sanctions," she said, when asked about the plans of the EU on introduction of new sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the recent events in Ukraine.

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Mogherini noted that the decision on sanctions should be adopted unanimously by representatives of all 28 EU member states, and added that European politicians still have time to evaluate what is happening in Ukraine in the next ten days.

EU High Representative reiterated her previously voiced idea that the so-called 'elections' held by the militants on Sunday on the territories of the Donbas controlled by the insurgents have only worsened the situation. She also drew attention to the hostilities that continue in the east of Ukraine.

"The so-called elections were a very negative sign. The situation on the ground is very negative, with people dying yesterday," she said.

Mogherini also stressed that the European Union had already shown its ability to quickly and effectively address the issues of sanctions, noting that it was even a surprise to some analysts.

"The issue of sanctions is always on the table. It is and it has been there. When we had negative signs, the level of sanctions increased... They stay on the table for evaluation," she said, noting that their introduction has also some negative sides.

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The politician added that she has discussed recent growth of activity of the pro-Russian militants and the Russian servicemen in the Donbas at the meeting with NATO Secretary General earlier this week, and stressed the importance of coordination between the EU and NATO in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

Earlier, the head of European diplomacy has stated of non-recognition "of the parliamentary and presidential elections" in the LPR and DPR held Nov. 2 as contrary to the spirit and letter of the Minsk protocol.

In addition, she noted that the sanctions against Russia will be reviewed depending on the assessment of the situation in Ukraine.

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