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 Rocket That Killed Two Children near Donetsk School Came from Territory Controlled by Terrorists. PHOTOPROOF

The rocket that hit School No63 came from the direction of Makiivka.

The investigation of the Ukrainian journalists and experts was published in the article on Ukraine@war, Censor.NET reports.

This information was also confirmed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Perebyinis on Twitter: "The missile that killed children in Donetsk was launched from the territory controlled by the insurgents. Photoproof."

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The school No63 in Donetsk has been hit by missiles killing two children. This is the report from the Russians, claiming the missile came from Pisky, where the Ukrainian troops are deployed, but the analysis of photo and video content of the Russian media, which reporters appeared on the site of the tragedy in no time, proves otherwise.

This photo from this Facebook page shows how the fence is bent INWARDS. It means the rocket must have come from the LEFT side.

ракеты взрыв школа

This screenshot also shows that the rocket bent the fence inwards:

ракеты взрыв школа

This screenshot shows where the rocket hit the ground and exploded. The two dead children are covered behind it, near standing people.

ракеты взрыв школа

It is clear that the rocket bent the fence, not the explosion, because the right part of the fence, where the explosion occurred is not bent at all. Now we can draw a line from the position where the rocket hit the fence to the one where it exploded (upper red line). The line drawn on the ground gives the direction where it came from (lower red line).

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If we put together these pictures and the locality map, we can clearly understand where the rockets came from. The red arrow shows from which direction the rocket came from:

ракеты взрыв школа

The larger scale shows it this way:

взрыв ракеты школа

The missile came from the direction of Makiivka. All this territory is controlled by the Russian mercenaries. Consequently, the Russians have launched the missile and now they are trying to blame Ukraine.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p310542