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 Ukraine Paid Three Billion Hryvnia to Coal Companies in Terrorist-Controlled Territories in Second and Third Quarter of 2014. TABLE

"As of today, we discovered that during the II and III quarters of 2014, the enterprises of the coal industry in the area of the LPR and DPR were transferred 2,832,166,500 UAH."

This is stated by journalist and newly elected MP Mustafa Naiem on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Let me remind you that all this time we were, de facto, at war with those areas. They were not controlled by the fiscal authorities, state administrations, and did not have access to any of the following companies. Moreover, that side constantly fired at us and forced us to bear huge costs to maintain the army.

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"How this money was accounted for, who accepted it, where they actually went, and which part of it stayed in the pockets of peaceful and not so peaceful "miners" on both sides of the fence, I will find out in the parliament," Mustafa stated.

He also noted that the table does not include all payments of the total amount.

Earlier, Energy Minister Prodan denied intentions to buy coal from the militants. "No one will fund any terrorist organizations," he said.


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